Campus Ministry

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Helping students grow closer to God and one another through 祈祷er, retreats, and service.
Daily morning 祈祷er is written and read by students. Monthly all-school Mass allows for student participation as musicians, choir members, 讲师, 服务器, and Eucharistic ministers. 

撤退 offer students the opportunity to step back from the busyness of daily life in order to connect with others, 祈祷, and self reflect.
The annual freshman retreat seeks to build connections between students as well as to help them to connect to God and self. The annual sophomore retreat is focused on service and when circumstances allow, students go out into the community in small groups to participate in volunteer work with local service organizations. The 凯洛 retreat is a three day, two night retreat for seniors and is a capstone for a Fenwick student’s faith formation. 

As a Catholic school, we follow Jesus’ call in the Gospel to love one’s neighbor. We put this Christian love into action through works of service. In their junior year, students are required to complete 30 hours of service at one service site in order for students to build relationship with community members.

Meet Campus Ministry

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  • Photo of 玛丽•贝思 五月

    玛丽•贝思 五月 

    Campus Minister
  • Photo of 玛丽亚(女名) Nowicki

    夫人. 玛丽亚(女名) Nowicki 

    Director of 凯洛, Teacher
  • Photo of 克里斯多夫 约翰逊

    Fr.  克里斯多夫 约翰逊 O.P. 

    Campus Minister/Chaplain
  • Photo of 希望 Zelmer

    Ms. 希望 Zelmer 

    Campus Minister and Director of the Sophomore 服务 Program


  • Opportunities to worship God
  • Opportunities to strengthen relationships with peers
  • Opportunities to serve the Church through liturgical ministries


  • Daily Mass and monthly all-school Masses
  • Twice yearly Reconciliation services
  • 每天祈祷
  • Occasional liturgical services for athletic teams and clubs
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